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    Marketing Solution

    Deliver time sensitive text messages directly into the hands of your subscribers.

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    Control your campaign

    Tailor specifically timed SMS mailshots to your audience.
    Need to promote your bar at 9pm next Saturday?
    No problem!

  • Deploy specifically
    targeted mailshots

    based on age, gender or group membership...

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Secure & Reliable

Create and manage your bulk SMS campaigns from one secure control panel


Super Fast

SMS mailshots will be delivered when you want them to using the latest and fastest technology


Customer Support

We have a dedicated team of support for sales and support to help you in anytime.

The complete bulk SMS solution

Control and manage all your campaigns from one easy to use control panel


Flexible campaigns

Send specifically times bulk SMS mailshots. Want your customers to get a txt at 9pm next Saturday promoting a drinks offer you have on? No problem!


Dynamic Groups

You can create, edit and delete as many groups as you need giving you the flexibility to create campaigns based on specific user options.


Collect and edit data

When entering or importing mobile numbers you can also add additional data to assist in group creation; for example you can enter the name, gender & date of birth to allow you to send age or gender specific mailshots.


Birthday offers

Automatically send out timed SMS offers on or before people's birthdays specifically targeted to them.


Statistics and Data

Analyze your database statistics and past SMS mailshots to discover how the campaigns went and learn how you can tailor future campaigns.


Full Audit Trail & Data Security

All mailshot data is logged and available to you to analyze. All your data is exactly that, yours and can be exported as and when needed and is never shared with anyone else.


Unleash the power of SMS

Reach targeted audiences at any time

Use the power of SMS bulk mailshots to deliver timed, specific advertising & promotions literally directly into the hands of your subscribers. Manage everything online, anytime.

  • Timed promotions
  • Discount entry
  • Competitions & Offers
  • Venue information
  • Company promotion
  • Drinks / Entry promotions

Simple, effective, targeted promotion

Deliver what you want, when you want, to who you want


Create your campaign and decide on who your audience is and the message to want to send.


Select the date and time you want it delivered.


Sit back and relax... SMS mailshot delivered. Job done..

The Trusted bulk SMS Marketing Solution

Cooltxt.com was established in 2001 and provides opt-in bulk SMS solutions for the UK leisure industry. Our online control panel allows you to send out specifically timed bulk SMS mailshots from any internet enabled PC.

If you’re serious about promotions, you need cooltxt.com.

There are no setup fees and no monthly fees. You only pay for the SMS’s you send!

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